TC Shows The Love of God Through Unconditional

TC a man among men. He made it into the final round of our Rap Contest. His flow style and the tone of his voice combine for one of my personally favorite styles. His chorus is simple and catchy. His verses are easy to understand but very deep at the same time. Check out this Rap Remnant Favorite!

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You had love me when I couldn’t love myself/
I put myself away but you took me off the shelf/
Slip in my sin again love me how could you/
But u still say you love me an I’m thinking how could you/
Forgive me for my Slip again thinking why should you/
Trust anything that I saying why would you/
Everytime you have trusted in me Lord I have let you down/
I be aiming for your will but I’m shooting empty rounds/
Feeling good now hands on the plow/
I’m ready now To do your will God if u allow/
Standing at the alter but I’m making empty vows/
Start off real good but never finish that is how/
I guess that’s why relationship I had never work/
Talk a good game but I’m in it for the perks/
They were seeking substance but I only dessert/
Acting like I didn’t care but I felt the hurt/


You know my heart you know I mean well/
You Kno I love the father an the baby Emmanuel/
You know I make space for the holy ghost to dwell/
You know I repented Everytime that I fell/

My love for you ain’t the question to address/
My inconsistency an how I’m lacking in finesse/
How I go from being bless straight to a mess/
How I go from being sure straight to a guess/
An being who I am you still love me non the less/
If I had to do it over I would still say yes/
I wanna be able more giving you the best/
I still don’t understand why you love me like the rest/

You see my broken heart when the world can’t see it/
You see me with your word on daily trying to read it/
Seeking for your righteousness you know I really mean it/
An no matter what the devil say he can’t come between it/

I know I’m wrong an I be waiting for the break up/
But your expectations for me God is so way up/
Closer to my goals but I’m missing all these layup/
Invested in me when you died time for me to pay up/

I be falling like 1 ,2 ,3/
I don’t get it God why you want me/
I be falling like 1, 2, 3/
I don’t get it God why you love me/

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