TR3SCARTER – OH ft. Christon Gray


I love my city, I love my city

Forget wherever they from, we OH-IO


Stay in aviators, no wonder we fly

I-I-I-I love my city, I love my city

The heart of the nation, been here since day one

Forget wherever they from, we OH-IO

OH-IO (8x)

Verse 1, Tres Carter:

Coming live from the Horseshoe

Staying on my grind was a virtue

Embedded cutting hair on the stoop

Getting loot soon as I learned to lace up a shoe

What it do, OH- what it do, I am not me without you

One time for the people showing love on the east side

every time I come thru

Gourmet shoes, you can’t walk in, put a sock in it

On the rise, yall better put stock in him

No bull, the mic I’m a threat with it

Yall better double Tres, Scott Pippen

People who ain’t from here come here

Ask why it’s so cold here

Oh you ain’t know 

Halle Berry was born here

home of the coldest 

I had to bring home the coldest

Left the whole city frozen

At my wedding the mayor slid in some loafers

Whether in a Testarossa 

Or just hopped off that COTA

Tell them other boys don’t approach us

We forever OH-IO

OH-IO (8x)

(Verse 2) Christon Gray

Uh, Birthplace of the aviator 

We the new Wright brothers in some aviators

I say O State finna beat the drakes & you can thank me later

Or you can thank me now

We done rolled out a whole tide of elephants 

I guess Crimson & Scarlett should never mix

Met my lady at a party on 11th got her 10 at a show been on cloud nine ever since

She the coldest 80s baby from the shaker heights

Baby Blue, School of Roses, time to make it right

Blue I’m finna make ya momma happy 

Been a long time comin since my momma had me

Started from the top when we charted we ain’t goin to the bottom, Billboard said to holla at me

The next kid since Kudi, don’t ignore him

Shoutout to Eastland & Groveport, 04

Southfield, I miss my Leola Lord

I love my city, and long as the Lord know it

We already won, touch down and we only need the one, but we goin for it

Tres, you know I never land

I’m tryna rocket with the best band in the land

Jalin, tell Urban to call it in

I’m tryna see Brutus do the Carlton, uh

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