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Versa BamFam, real name Fredrick Shaw, has had a passion for music since a young age. He began rapping in his early youth and expanded into producing soon after. Versa began doing Christian music after recommitting his life over to Christ in 2002. He was licensed as a minister in 2004 by Plymouth M.B. Church in Hattiesburg, MS. In his dedication to enhancing his knowledge of the music industry, Versa graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Entertainment: Management. His spirit-filled, dance-invoking music embodies his down-south, Mississippi upbringing.

Versa delivers a message of Christian living and faith, in a style that both the spiritual and non can enjoy and receive edification from. Despite the amount of audience admiration of his music, Versa BamFam avidly declares that “it’s the Spirit of God and the Message of Hope that will draw,” and that his music is ONLY a catalyst to that taking place.

In 2017, Fred Shaw founded the Faith-Centered Music Artist Society, a non-profit organization that gives support, resources, and aid to aspiring Christian artists. Within one year’s time, FCMAS has grown to over 150+ artist members, spanning over 14 countries. For more info on FCMAS, visit

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