VIDEO:: Gerry Skrillz “My Story”

Die Daily artist Gerry Skrillz released an incredibly powerful visual for his song “My Story” from his recently released EP In Good Time. As Gerry looks through old photographs he reminisces on memories that are bitter sweet.  The viewer is transported on a nostalgic journey that travels back to when Gerry and his parents first immigrated to the United States, the criminal activity that he was exposed to from a young age, & his adolescent years where he was submerged within the same criminal lifestyle that had been destroying his loved ones.

This visual voyage culminates with Gerry finding himself overwhelmed with emptiness despite indulging in a life style that our world glorifies. In his brokenness he surrenders his life to the only one that can fill the void he has been desperately trying to fill with wealth and self-gratification.

Skrillz shares, “Although my road to accepting salvation was difficult, I am grateful for every moment. I love my family and the struggle that we share. I want people to understand that if God can use me, he can use anybody, and that nobody is too far gone to be saved. Yea this is my story, but to God be the glory tho.”

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