VIDEO:: Hevnliangel – Going Nowhere

Artist Hevnliangel has released her brand new music video for “Going Nowhere”, one of the music tracks from her previous album “To Whom It May Concern Vol.1” To view the clip from Hevnliangel, visit her YouTube channel.

The song was written a few years ago and quickly became a fan favorite and received a lot of online airplay, but the music video to the song was never officially released until now.  She felt inspired to do the music video to the song.

The video starts off with Hevnliangel driving in what seems like a deserted place and suddenly her vehicle brakes down unsure of what is going on in her life and feeling that she is now stuck in the middle of nowhere she is only left with questions wondering if God is out there, if He is somewhere watching and do He actually see what it is she is going through.  As she is walking it seems there is no hope she comes across a house that has been left abandon but she continue to keep going as she continues to walk she continues to keep having these visions of a better place until finally, she makes it to the place she kept seeing and starts to realizes that God had led her there and how he was with her from the very beginning.

“Going Nowhere” was directed and edited by Bryan Lynch of Bryan Lynch Films.




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