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“Holy Spirit Come”
(feat. Jayna Cullens & Tanisha Mimms)

We have come with a prayer in our souls
Let your presence heal and make us whole 
Deep inside, we desire to hear from only you
For what you speak, always comes true, you never lie
All your promises are yes and amen
So today, fulfill your purpose lord, fulfill your plan
Let us not be in the way of what you do
Take your liberty and freedom to move

Holy spirit (Holy spirit come)
Holy spirit (Holy spirit come)
Have your way (Have your way)
In this place (In this place)
Holy spirit (Holy spirit come)
How we want you to come

Lord I pray for the wounded and oppressed
In your presence, give them hope, give them strength and rest
Let the enemy, his words and his plans, be defeated
Let him flee from this place and you command
Let us set aside our own human agendas
For we know you are for us, not against us
And so now with uplifted hands and tears in our eyes
We seek your face with humility we cry

[Chorus x2]

We worship you
Exalt you
Extol you
Adore you
We lift you up
We bless your name
We honor you
And we give your praise

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