Allen Love :: Purple Dreams Ft. Reconcile

Allan Love teamed up with Reconcile for this song!





Purple Dreams [lyrics] 

Stuck in the streets and now his life ???
??? and now his life life ???
Purple dreams done turned to nightmares
Curve the drugs and get your life back
Allan Love (verse 1):
Arctic ocean riding waves
submarine how deep my pain
tough it out no Novacaine
stream this music in my veins
things will never be the same and I couldn’t be more thankful
turned their back on me Jesus went and turned some tables
ignore me all you want I’m still getting played on the radio
underneath the radar underground like some cables
frost all on my cross I was broken just like an ankle
ready for whatever got an army full of angels resisting can be painful I’ve been swimming upstream
weight of the world on my shoulders
if you ever see me in a sling
Ice running through my veins
if you ever see me shivering
echo in my soul
hear this Holy Spirit whispering
do my best at listening
I keep getting sidetracked
running off the road
get distracted from the right map
put in all these hours
I’m a pro like an iPad
falling on this thin air
back up
grab an ice pack
Reconcile (verse 2):
Sippin on codeine
Rollin an onion
Rollin on OG
What it take to change your life
that life will catch up with you yeah
now your broke and heartless
how the same drugs make you feel
make you feel depressed
i done ran to you for all my stress
and now i feel this restlessness
Now you broke and heartless
Its hard to live with how you live
cope with what you did
devil all up in your ear
life can get ???
i done seen God pull out the mud
want to change your life
and kick the drugs yeah

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