Album Details for Rap Remnant Album “Dope Unknowns Vol. 1”

Christian Hip-Hop media outlet and online blog Rap Remnant Magazine ( announces the release of a free album Dope Unknowns Vol. 1.   The project will feature some of the hottest up and coming and relatively unknown artists in the Christian Hip-Hop genre.  Rap Remnant founder Chris Brown stated, “The goal of this project is to allow supporters of the CHH genre an opportunity to hear artists that they may have never heard of or maybe they’ve heard of them but want to hear more from them.  The major mission of Rap Remnant is to help give these types of artists a platform to share the gift & the talent that God has given them. Unfortunately, the reality of it is, most of these artists have a hard time getting the needed support from media outlets because of the lack of a label push or major artist co-signs; despite the fact that they’re just as talented as those well known artists. We want to become known as the spot where lovers of dope music can discover new talent.”
The first single from the project is Ball On Your Court by Miami artist Ammo, currently available as a free download.  Dope Unknowns Vol. 1 will drop on June 27th, the two year anniversary of the website and will become the first in a series of Dope Unknowns releases.  Stay tuned to for more info.
  1. Intro
  2. Ammo – Ball On Your Court  feat LV
  3. Mars – Funkshway
  4. Tone Spain – Not Intimidated
  5. Navelle Hice – If Only You Knew
  6. Germaine Martell – That Real feat. Mouthpi3ce
  7. Shyne On Me – Momma Said
  8. Shiwan – What A Day
  9. Nahledge – Young Kings feat. Azariah Jones
  10. Don Cephas – A Blindfold & The Tightrope ft Duece B
  11. Jas – Mercy


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