Album Review :: Don Cephas – White Genesis

Don Cephas - White GenesisDon Cephas is good; really good.   Passion is something that you cannot fake and listening to White Genesis I hear Don Cephas’ passion for two things:  music and Jesus Christ.  With White Genesis, Don Cephas puts on display awesome vocal ability as well as rap lyrics that make it hard to decide which one he is better at.

The album starts off with ‘Ruach’ which is sort of a ballad type track and sets a really nice tone for the album.  Ruach, is a Hebrew word meaning “wind” or “spirit”.  In this worship song Don Cephas is singing and asking God to breathe on him.  Anything that God breathes on, lives.  Most times albums start off with rowdy/turn up type tracks, but this was a nice change up from the norm.

Up next is Catching Fire (Itching Ears) and then Fly Gone.  I particulary like the beat on these two joints.  They have a nice bounce to them and I can easily see the whole crowd turning up when performing these live.  On Catching Fire, Don Cephas drops some dope lines and does some vocal work on the hook; Nicely put together.  You get to see how talented and diverse he is with these tracks.

Next is White Flag, which is one of my favorite tracks on the album.  This track is all vocal, but it’s so chill and has an awesome vibe to it.  I’m someone who loves ballad type tracks and this is another one here.  I think Don Cephas nailed it with this.  So far, production on the album has been pretty solid.  Let’s take a look at the rest of the album.

The next track Famous starts out with an acapella quartet, remeniscent of a throwback Boyz II Men joint.  From there Don Cephas comes in and blazes the track with some ill lyrics and then back to vocal work for the hook.  Sounds pretty good in my opinion.

Ms. November comes in next, an ode to that special lady in your life.  This guitar driven track has a nice soulful sound and fits right in with the overall mellow vibe of the entire project.  Great song to throw on in the whip while cruising the city on a summer night.    Don Cephas has an awesome sounding voice and it shows on this track.  It provides a nice lead-in to the next track Beloved (You Are Mine) featuring Alysha Leigh, which has a similar vibe and meaning.

Up next is Russian Roulette (Why Do You Love Me). During our interview with Don Cephas he identified this track as his favorite track on the project.

 “Russian Roulette deals with my desire to gamble with sin in the flesh. In the chorus it says “Tell me what is the thrill of driving into traffics opposition”. In translation what is this rush that I have of playing with fire knowing I could get burned because I’ve experienced repercussions before.”

Russian Roulette can certainly serve as an anthem for anyone who has battled with any kind of sinful lifestyle, that’s probably everyone; great meaningful track.  The only issue I have with this track is that some of the words were a little hard to understand.  Other than that, great track.

The next track is, The Greatest of These featuring Vernon Mobley Jr.  A declaration type of track with a nice tempo that could also be a cool song to dance to.  This song is about love, which the Word of God tells us is the greatest, above faith and hope.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

-1 Corinthians 13:13

The Sky Deliverer is up next.  This track is one that speaks of the greatly awaited return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is our Deliverer.  I’m not a big fan of the beat on this track however, the message and overall arrangement of the song is pretty good.

Up next is another track that Don Cephas identified as one of his favorites, Mercy Mercy.  This track is a ballad type of track where Don Cephas is singing to the Father “All I wanna do is sink (in You).”  This track has a deeply personal vibe to it, something the seems to be the pulse for him.  Not only that, but this is also something that anyone in love with Jesus Christ will desire, a deeper more intimate relationship with Him.

The album closes out with and Malevolent (You Dont Even Know). I would say 8 is another one of my favorites on the project.  It has a nice bounce to it and Don Cephas puts on a nice lyrical/vocal performance.  Malevolent wraps up the project with a cool and mellow vibe.

My final thoughts on the album is that, overall it’s a good project.  This is one of those albums you can throw on let play through while you get some house work done or even just chill with a glass of lemonade and vibe out.   Don Cephas is a talented artist and I look forward to future projects from him.   Areas for improvement, in my opinion, are with mixing & album artwork.  There were a few tracks that I feel could have been mixed better, mostly volume tweaks but overall not a bad mixing job.  As far as artwork, I would like to have seen some more creativity put into it.  Often times, artwork can make someone want to listen to your music even if they never have.  If I didn’t know Don Cephas was oozing with talent, the artwork would not really compel me to check it out.   Overall a good solid album here, I would categorize this project as more of R&B project (R&P for those who care about labels).

 White Genesis is available for purchase on iTunes and other digital retailers


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