ALBUM REVIEW :: Eshon Burgundy – The Fear of God

Eshon Burgundy signing with Humble Beast Records has provided him with additional assets for his next album. He uses those assets well to produce The Fear of God. This was one of the 5 Albums We Can’t Wait to Hear in 2015, and Eshon has not disappointed. Get ready for an album full of great sound and meaning.

The album starts off with “The Fear of God”, an intro that offers Eshon’s explanation for the album’s name. He doesn’t need to just put subliminal messages into his raps. People show a “clear lack of fear of the name by which one swears”. God is great, and man should fear him as he is the king. He makes the heavy focus of vocals work in the track while mixing in a cool beat as well.

The first track that really caught my attention was “Higher Learning” (feat. Uncle Reece). There’s a sweet hook, awesome rapping, and a good meaning. It doesn’t get much better than that! The flow is so smooth throughout the entire track. I love it! Eshon talks about how the world tries to rattle his trust in God. He’s ashamed of his cold heart and large ego. He needs God and his grace. “Higher Learning” is no doubt my favorite song on the album.

The guitar at the start of “Control Issues” sets a feel like something you would hear in Breaking Bad, and that sound fits the mood of the song perfectly. He speaks in a slower style about the temptation of sin. Drugs and worldly power are a huge focus of the track and as the chorus states, “What good it is to gain the world and lose your soul”. The melody, guitar, and vocals fit together for another very impactful song.

“Respect, Power & $” (feat. John Givez) has some of the best rapping on the album. The track comes from the perspective of an unbeliever who’s stuck focusing on the things of this world. Eshon says this is actually how he used to be. The chorus hits the focus of the track well, “Respect, power, and money (3x). That’s what they tell me. Respect, power, and money (3x). They lyin’ to me”. Honestly the sound of the chorus isn’t my favorite even with the meaning, but the great rapping by both Eshon and John Givez along with the epic bass make for a good track.

A track with a lighter tone, “Certified Gold”, again focuses on how we put our hope in the things of this world. I like the sound of this track. The piano and beat mesh well with the vocals. Eshon speaks on how we create idols of money and power, and we become addicted to them instead of focusing on God. The memorable line from the track comes from the start of the chorus, “The Devil got us sold on that certified gold”.

The second to last track on the album, “Retro Sonday” (feat. Braille), is a cool track with a great flow. The bass is just enough to be epic without drowning out the vocals. Braille and Eshon both deliver sweet verses on top of the good beat, and again the song has a good meaning. The song is calling Jesus to come back and correct the sin of the dark world that we live in.

A few more good tracks on the album are “A Close Distance” (feat. Lee Green) and “Good Grief” (feat. Liz Vice). “Good Grief” explains that what we really need is Jesus. The relaxed refrain flow wells into the verses with Eshon continuing to be open. Best lines of the song, “Simple and plain, I’m a man and I ain’t got it all together. I need the son. I need the spirit, and I need it all forever”. “A Close Distance” is a hard-hitting song about how God is good and so close even though he is so high. It is an awesome ending to the album with a hook that has me playing the track on repeat.

To be honest I wasn’t so sure about Eshon Burgundy before, but The Fear of God definitely changed that. His focus on Gospel based lyrics instead of just positive subliminal messages is great, and he doesn’t slack on sound while he is at it. God comes first, and Eshon makes that his focus extremely well. I definitely recommend this awesome album!


The Fear of God is available for sale on iTunes and other digital retailers.

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