Jonathan Baker is not your typical artist.  At first listen you would think, “Oh he’s a dope singer,” but as you continue to listen, you’ll come to find out that he’s also a talented lyricist & producer.  Checking out his new project Live Again, all of those talents are on display.  Live Again is a 6 song EP with 4 bonus tracks that come exclusive on the hard copy.  Check out my full review and let me know what you think.

Jonathan Baker has this cool mellow vibe to him that easily spills over into his music.  The first track, Live Again, has a cool neo-soul vibe to it.  The live instrumentation is a refreshing changeup in an era where most producers are making digital music.  This track has a very grown man vibe to it and I like it.

The second track is What Am I.  I’ve known that JB could sing, but on this track he kills it with various different voice inflections.  I can certainly see the growth artistically that he has achieved since his last project.

Up next is one of the project singles, Reflection, featuring longtime friend Christon Gray.  Johnathan Baker also recently worked on Christon’s latest project in a production role.  On this track JB drops some bars and Christon Gray takes on vocal duties singing the chorus. The two work together well on this joint.

Up next is Tell Me, a smooth ballad type track.  Jonathan Baker sings and raps on this joint.  I really like the filtered keys, which serve as the driving melody for the entire song.  I would like to see this track extended, its an enjoyable track but it left me wishing that it hadn’t ended so soon.

The next track is It’s Nothin featuring Joe Cooper and KamBINO.  KamBINO starts the track off with a dope flow and Joe Cooper holds down the chorus.  Johnathan Baker also drops a dope rhyme to finish off the track.  Overall, a very nice track that I listened to a few times.  I would go as far as to say that this is my favorite track on the project.

The final track on the project is Glass Heart 2 featuring Taelor Gray, Sean C Johnson, and Armond WakeUP.  This track serves as a nice finale for the project.  Sean C Johnson sings the hook and JB, Taelor Gray, and rising emcee Armond WakeUP drops verses explaining their perspective of the glass heart.

The physical version of the project comes with 4 additional tracks Biblical Art, Dreamin’ Again, Guilty, and Portait ft J. Word.

Biblical Art is a banger, Jonathan Baker goes hard with all bars on this one.  On top of that, the beat is super dope.  I would have liked to see this make the general EP, however I can see how it being a bonus track would be an incentive to get the physical copy.  I see what you did there JB!

Dreaming Again is another smooth track with Jonathan Baker’s signature sound.  Certainly one that could have been part of the EP from a overall feel perspective.

Guilty is another banger, with this track Jonathan Baker shows his versatility as a dope emcee.  The beat is sick as well, and the choir in the background gives the track an anthem type feel.  As previously stated, the kid can blow and he can flow.  Biblical Art and Guilty are proof of that.

The last of the bonus tracks is Portrait featuring J. Word.  The tom drums gives this track sort of a tribal sound. Johnathan Baker puts down another dope vocal performance and J. Word comes through with a nicely crafted verse.

Overall, I would say that this project is dope.  I think this could have easily been a full length album, and I’m not too sure why it’s not, but nonetheless a musical experience that you should definitely have.  Jonathan Baker is a great artist, and this project is a solid product.  There’s not too many artists who can hold down as many spots as JB (singer, rapper, producer), so when they come along you have to stand at attention and lend them your ears.   Live Again from a musical perspective is fine dining that requires a mature palate to fully appreciate.  You’re not going to get the standard 808’s and arpeggiators but well thought out compositions and live instrumentation, which is a fresh change up from the norm.

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