ALBUM REVIEW :: Social Club – US

Social Club is no doubt one of the most unique parts of the CHH genre. Marty and Fern have continued to create awesome music with Christian influences. Their added dash of humor is what continues makes them special though. The name they’ve chosen for their fans, the “Misfits”, suits their style perfectly, as they are definitely the misfits of CHH. Social Club’s latest album, US, continues the trend of good sound with that touch of weird.

The pre-release single, “Heavy Hand”, shows off that weirdness extremely well. Check out the video if you haven’t seen it, it is hilarious. The iconic hook that will get stuck in your head is, “Watch out for the pineapples, getting too close to me”. They explained in an Instagram post, “Pineapple is code for a guy or girl who just does too much and makes everyone uncomfortable”. The track features a pretty great usage of bass with the beat as well. Marty and Fern both aren’t the best rappers, but they make the most of the epic beat to create a great track.

Another track that caught my attention is “Bad Advice”. The track has an amazing flow to it that makes it a real joy to listen to. They reference how they’ve come so far without a label to back them, which is impressive. Fern’s verse is basically a criticism of mainstream hip-hop/rap’s bad influences and unskilled rappers, “It’s common sense, only the hot should rap, Now everybody and their mother wanna pop they raps”. Marty and Fern mesh perfectly with a sweet background almost remix-like sound, and “Bad Advice” has some of their best rapping on the album.

A change in tone comes through “Carpe Diem”. The piano, trumpet, and overall beat combine with the lyrics for a truly uplifting song. The lyrics are about the human experience through Marty’s life. There’s a classic feel to the song. It’s just about life, and it’s a special track. He provides an awesome flow between the refrain and his verses, and the storytelling is done well throughout the track. “Carpe Diem” is a beautiful track overall and the best song on the album in my opinion.

The title track, “US”, starts out with that signature humor of Social Club, “They should call us the Febreze brothers, ‘cause it’s feeling so fresh right now”. The rapping on this track is par at best with a real lack of anything special especially during Fern’s verse. The beat is light throughout Marty and Fern’s parts, and their style doesn’t seem to fit in well. The refrain is great, though, and the beat along with Rey King’s singing make the track.

“Cafe Con Leche (Mocha Joe’s Theme)” emphasizes Fern’s rapping, and he does a good job with the opportunity. There is a much better beat throughout the track that is a little weird, but it works with Fern’s style. In the second verse he talks about how God changed him, and how he now lives for God.

“Listen to This When You Feel Tough” and the other pre-release, “Sky Lanterns” (feat. Marissa Jerome), both deserve a mention as well. I wasn’t a huge fan of “Sky Lanterns” when I heard it the first it, but the track has grown on me. The hook is very good and highlights the track well. Some well-placed bass and extra occasional effects keep the track moving. Fern’s verse flows well, but Marty’s doesn’t flow at times. “Listen to This When You Feel Tough” again throws in a little humor at the start as well as the iconic, “Social Club is the best”. A cool hook connects Fern and Marty’s verses, allowing for a switch-up in sound to more treble for Marty. The bass picks up at just the right moment, and the switching of sound keep the track interesting.

US is a heavy focus on the experiences of Marty and Fern during and before their rapping careers, but they don’t slack on the sound. Both rappers tell their stories well to create a fun and cool album. They did seem to tone down the weirdness a bit, outside of “Heavy Hand”, but Social Club has not lost its unique style at all. In fact, through telling their stories, they’ve evolved their sound a bit to fit themselves even better. Overall, US is a great album expressing the fun as well as the serious moments in life, and it’s definitely their best one yet. I definitely recommend grabbing it misfits!

US is available for sale on iTunes and other digital retailers.


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