Alex Faith & Dre Murray “Southern Lights: Overexposed”


Alex Faith & Dre Murray team up for a new release, “Southern Lights: Overexposed”, due out April 28, 2015 via Collision Records.

There couldn’t be a more timely video for our generation with everything happening in the media. Download the single and pre-order the first collaboration album from Alex Faith and Dre Murray Southern Lights: Overexposed.

Wake Up Music Lyric Video:

iTunes pre-order:

Alex Faith & Dre Murray “Southern Lights: Overexposed” track list

1. Overexposed (feat. Sean C. Johnson)

2. All Around the World (feat. Tragic Hero)

3. Wake Up Music (feat. Swoope)

4. I-285 (interlude)

5. Money (feat. Reconcile)

6. City of Nightmares II (feat. Ada-L)

7. I-610 (interlude)

8. Decatur Street Blues (feat. Corey Paul)

9. Forever

10. Takin’ Time (feat. Young Noah)

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