[Blog] Believin Stephen: UK Missions Trip Recap

by Stephen Brindle

Thank you so much for partnering with me on my recent missions trip to Europe in June of 2013.  I truly would not be able to go without your support! My faith was strengthened immensely! I’ve never seen the immediate fruit of my labor before like I saw on this trip!  I joined  another Christian artist Ruth Vega from Lancaster, PA, Pastor Lou Centeno of Kensington, PA and Ali Thomas of Horsham, PA on this adventure overseas. We were led by William Campbell a missionary affiliated with the Greater Europe Mission (GEM).

In the 13 days (June 18-July 1), we ministered  to an estimated 2,000 people! We shared the gospel through music on 10 different occasions; in churches, schools,  music festivals, street corners, community centers, and parks. In addition, we carried a portable boom box with us everywhere we went which was very useful in sharing the gospel through song and sparking up spontaneous rap cyphers!

We saw people come to faith in Christ! We saw new believers get baptized! We were encouraged by local believers, and had the opportunity to encourage European Christians as well.  This was especially profound because we were able to point people to local solid fellowships; which allows the people we ministered to stay plugged in amongst solid believers.

The two main places where we did ministry work on this trip were Paris, France and it’s surrounding regions and Nottingham, United Kingdom.  Here are some highlights from each:


Stephen_Brindle_parisGod opened a huge door for us as we were invited to do a music workshop at a public school in Nogent sur Marne. This was a remarkable opportunity for us to be able to openly share our faith in Christ in a public liberal school in post-Modern France! Our workshop and music was well received and the principal of the school told us he wants us to come back again in the future!

We did street evangelism in a rough neighborhood Barbes. Many great conversations took place, particular amongst Muslims.

Ruth and I performed at the Fete La Musique festival which is an all day music festival in Paris where different concerts take place around the city. We performed at a park in Creteil, near a busy Metro intersection. I saw two woman there who remembered me from rapping there  last year; who were recently baptized! I was also able to get in some rap cyphers with local French rappers.

On Monday June 23 Ruth and I did a music performance at a local private  elementary school in Champigny. The kids there had a blast dancing, clapping, and participating in the music concert.

The following day June 24 was probably the highlight of the trip in Paris. We did a concert for about 150 students at a Catholic school in the north side of Paris. The students there all spoke English and our team was able to clearly proclaim the gospel by grace alone, through faith alone; apart from works in a loving manner! The students loved the music and were quite eager to connect with us after the concert.


Stephen_BrindleThis was the nitty gritty portion of the trip. We teamed up with other members of the GEM organization for some hardcore evangelism. We started every day with prayer and evangelism and discipleship training. This involved studying the scriptures to look for instructions on how to evangelize and make disciples. I learned a great deal in these morning sessions. We did roleplaying with each other to practice sharing our faith, debriefed the previous day and also went over ALL the contacts we made in order that follow up ministry could take place.

After our meeting time in the morning we then hit the streets passing out flyers for an open mic night event. We passed these flyers out to everyone we saw on the street. We went door-to-door, engaging in conversations with people about the event we were having as well as sharing our testimonies and sharing the gospel when the opportunity presented itself. We took the portable speaker  or boombox with us on many occasions rhyming publicly about Jesus to stir a crowd.

The open mic night on Friday night was a huge success. Large amounts of unbelievers came from the community of Nottingham came out to the event. People were blessed by the music and afterwards our team had some phenomenal conversations with people. I had a few great conversations where the people’s hearts were quite receptive to the gospel!

The following day was the highlight of the trip! Earlier in the week the team from Nottingham planned a baptism party for Saturday. We didn’t know if anyone would show up early in the week. A number of people from the community came out to the baptism party which was hosted by a family in a row home on a dead end block. The spirit of the Lord was definitely present and  after one person was baptized it became contagious! 4 people ended up getting baptized and all of them were immediately plugged into a small group fellowship/church led by a  local leader in Notthingham named Tom Slater. It was truly a joyous day!! It made all the traveling and passing out flyers well worth it!

Please join me in praying for the growth of the new believers Antony, Fe, John, and Claire.

Thank you again,


P.S. You can see hundreds of more pictures from the trip on my Facebook profile (www.facebook.com/stephen.brindle)

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