[Interview] K-Drama – Balancing Music Ministry & Family

credit: @kdrama513

We all love to go to iTunes or Family Christian Bookstore and grab our favorite artist’s new album.  The banging beats, the dope flows, the music videos makes us want to keep supporting and following the movement.  We all know of course that these things take time, however many do not get to hear from the artist on how the business and ministry side of things affects the family.  In light of that,  we reached out to recording artist K-Drama.  Not only is K-Drama an artist and producer, he is also a husband and a father who often works and records from his home studio in Cincinnati, OH. Not too long ago K-Drama tweeted a picture of himself attempting to get some studio work done while trying to manage the kids at the same time.   It was clear from the picture, any work that was intended, was taking a backseat to the kids.

Any parent who has ever worked from home, I’m sure can relate.  You know how it is, you’re working intently in your office (aka the dining room table), and your little one(s) runs up to you wanting some juice or just to play or sit on your lap.   Any good parent is going to tend to their child at that moment, but the bigger battle becomes how to get the time you need for productive work and still be the parent and spouse that your family needs you to be?  Today, we got a chance to chop it up for a minute with national recording artist K-Drama, a veteran emcee just to get his perspective on this topic.

RR: Thanks for doing this interview, I know you have alot on your plate so thanks for taking time to do this.  So let’s get right into it.  How many kids do you have? What are their ages? Do they understand what you do in your profession?

K-Drama: I have 3 kids. 7, 4 & 2. YES!!! They definitely understand, LOL! Sometimes I catch them throwing concerts in the living room, using the couch as a stage.

RR: Haha! That’s dope, kids are so hilarious!  I know firsthand how family can impact work.  For you, how has studio life changed since getting married and having kids? Have you ever recorded a verse while holding a kid?

K-Drama: I definitely don’t spend as much time in the studio. I’ve had to cut out those things that aren’t as important so that I can have plenty of time for my family and non-work related endeavors. And I haven’t recorded a verse with a baby in my arm, hahaha! But I have made a beat with my son in my lap. That happens quite often.

RR:  Awesome! Moments like that are priceless. I’m sure those are times they will never forget.  In light of that, do you find that it takes a little longer to put out a project than it used to?

K-Drama: Actually I don’t spend as much time on a project. My wife is awesome with the kids, so I’m able to just knock things out without much interruption.

RR: Sounds good, so the home studio situation seems to work well for you.  When you go on the road does the wife and kids ever travel with you or do you primarily travel alone?

K-Drama: Primarily I travel alone, but oftentimes my family does travel with me. Usually once a month.

RR: Ok, cool.  To me, you’ve always been one of the hardest working artists in the genre.  With everything you’ve got going on, how do you balance your role as a husband and father with your duties as an artist? What would you say is the toughest part?

K-Drama: I make sure to stick with the time allotted for work and try not to go over. I work 6 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week as opposed to the traditional 40 hour work week. I make sure that my artistry works around my family.

RR: With your wife being a recording artist as well, does that make it easier to get time away for the studio or no?

K-Drama: Yeah it does. As aforementioned, she’s awesome with the kids. Of course, if I didn’t do music full time, it probably would be harder. But since this is what I’m paid to do, everyone has an understanding that I work to pay the bills.

RR: That’s awesome, it has obviously helped you contine to be sucessful in what you do.  Overall, what advice would you give other artists who haven’t quite figured out how to manage both?

K-Drama: Pray about it and be realistic. Don’t try to force something before it’s time. Figure out if there are some things that you could sacrifice (a few hours of watching tv a week) so that you can get in the studio.

Words from a wise man!  So there you have it people, though parenting and woking full-time is tough, it can be done sucessfully.  The key is to be proactive about it and make the effort to make sure that we are not neglecting family while we writing records about the love of God and how He gave Himself up for others.  Sacrifice and balance is the key to success in the Kingdom of God, whether that means in family, business or ministry.

Shout out to K-Drama for the interview, you can learn more about K-Drama and his music at www.K-DramaMusic.com


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