Datin Releases Album Cover & Tracklist for New Album

The Roar drops February 12th


1. The signs (Intro)
// Prod. By Tee-Wyla

2. Out Of Time (Feat. StefanOtto) 
// Prod. by Tee-Wyla

3. Hallelujah All Day 
// Prod. by Daniel Steele with additional production by Tee-Wyla

4. So Alive / Off The Leash 
// Prod By Tee-Wyla

5. Final Goodbye (Feat. Sean C Johnson) 
// Prod by Courtney Orlando FKA JR / Wes Pendleton

6. Through A Childs Eyes (Feat. Dre Murray, Beleaf & Selah Tha Corner) 
// Prod By Wit / Tee-Wyla

7. Had Enough (Feat. Bizzle)
// Prod by Tee-Wyla

8. Giants Fall
// Prod by DJ Shok / DJ Official

9. Hard (Feat S.O.S.)
// Prod by Silins Beats

10. Long Way Down
// Prod. by Dav D.
/ Are You Still There? (Poem by Genesis The GreyKid)
// Prod By Tee-Wyla

11. He Is Here (Feat. Sevin & Franky Bells)
// Prod by Tee-Wyla with additional production by Fresh Fire

12. One Body, One Spirit – (Interlude)
// Prod by Jay RHDN

13. The R.O.A.R.
// Prod by Courtney Orlando FKA JR & Jason

14. Say That! (Outro)
//Prod By Tee-Wyla


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