At Halftime – Top 3 CHH Albums of 2014

Normally, a list of the top albums of the year comes at the end of the year.   Today, we’re going to switch it up and give you our picks for the Top 3 albums for the first half of 2014.   Will these albums make the final list, who knows?  I’ll tell you this though, it’s going to be hard to top them.   Check out our list, let us know if you agree or not.  Post your Top 3 in the comments.



3. Andy Mineo – Neverland

You can hate all you want, but Never Land was a dope project.   Although, Never Land was technically an EP it still makes our list.  The 7 track project had just as much heat as any album and  was swelling with ill rhymes, dope beats, and the good news.  Andy Mineo puts on display what it looks like to rep Christ from the perspective of just making good music.  Does the fact that Andy has the Reach Records machine behind him help?   Yes, but a nice emcee is a nice emcee and a dope project is a dope project.  Period, and you gotta respect that.    For that reason, Andy Mineo lands at number 3 on our list.


2.  Propaganda – Crimson Cord

Anytime Prop gets on a track, you’re gonna learn something.  This is an album for the mature minded, those not just looking for a cliche’ punchline or a trap beat.  This is one of the most thought provoking albums I have heard to date, definitely for 2014.   I love what Propaganda contributes to CHH, dope lyrics, knowledge, and a humble beast in every sense of the word.   A release like Crimson Cord commands it’s place on our list.


1. Serge – Off Season

No rap album that I’ve heard in 2014 has been better than this one.  Serge is a beast, if you’ve listened to his Off Season album, I’m sure you would agree.  This album is not your typical Jesus music album, it’s so much more.   Serge displayed lyrical finesse and a high level of creativity with this project.   Not only does he deserve to be on this list, in our opinion he’s number 1 on it.

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