Humble Beast Launches Coffee Business

“A Christian should use these arts to the glory of God, not just as tracts, mind you, but as things of beauty to the praise of God. An art work can be a doxology in itself.”
— Francis A. Schaeffer, Art & the Bible

We love coffee a lot…so we decided to start making it ourselves. That might seem like a cruel joke allowing your imagination to run wild, bringing you to the edge of hope before the disappointing realization left you with “If-only”s and “What-if”s. Well, this is no joke friends. We’re making coffee. Humble Beast proudly presents to you Left Roasters or simply, Left.

You may be confused. Why is a hip-hop label diving into the coffee game? What does coffee have to do with music? Why spend so much time and energy developing an entirely different brand that has nothing to do with hip-hop? Let us give you just two reasons. [READ MORE HERE]


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