International Christian Hip Hop Day

Today, we unify Hip Hop through Christ. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a Christian Rapper or a rapper who’s Christian, what matters is putting Christ into Hip Hop. Within recent history, Lecrae and the 116 Clique consistently brought Christian Hip Hop into secular awareness. As we build on those who have come before us, as everyone has, we celebrate what the 116 Clique has done, we celebrate Christian Hip Hop as a whole, and most importantly, we celebrate what Romans 1:16 means for us all. 

Why Does it go from January 15th-17th? International Christian Hip Hop Day begins midnight in Nigeria and continues until every time zone in the world has enjoyed 24 hours of the 116 Celebration.

Why Nigeria? Great Question. Besides the many talented artists emerging from this particular country, Nigeria has major significance in US history. It’s estimated that 3.5 million slaves came to America from Nigeria with virtually all slave ships landing in Virginia carried people from Nigeria (At that time, the region was not called Nigeria, but Igbo as a reference to the Igbo tribe that resides in Southern Nigeria. Some scholars even believe that the Igbo tribe descended from Jewish ancestry.

Since Hip Hop emerged from America’s Black population, it’s beyond reasonable to conclude that a Nigerian descendant played an instrumental role in Hip Hop’s foundation. The United States of America is a melting pot of ideas, music, and culture. On International Christian Hip Hop Day, we pay homage to the people who came before us, lift up those who continue to do righteous actions and unite together through Christ.

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