INTERVIEW :: 7 Questions With Lawren

Lawren is no doubt one of the most talented up and coming CHH artists. He’s only released two singles, “Craxyr” and “HVNTS”, but both of those tracks were very impressive. Between family, working the night shift as a manager at IKEA, and trying to start his rapping career, Lawren has a lot on his plate. His first EP, HVNTS, drops today March 5th. He graciously gave some time to answer some questions about his faith and music.

BN: What are the biggest influences and motivations that led you to join the Christian Rap scene?

Lawren: I started as a secular rapper when I was 17 with some friends just doing the vocals without anything else except using monitors for the instrumentals. I actually stopped rapping when I was saved, but I decided to start again three years after becoming a Christian. Musically, Lecrae was the biggest influence, but I enjoy the good secular rappers like Kendrick Lamar as well.

BN: In your music you talked about not being raised in the church in your youth. How do you feel God has brought you from where you were then to where you are now?

Lawren: I can’t explain it. The best way I can describe it is “supernatural”, literally. I was blaspheming before, but my desires changed quickly after being saved. It was like a Saul to Paul transformation.

BN: It is not easy independently making music. How has your experience been as you have created your first EP?

Lawren: It’s been really hard. I would’ve dropped the EP earlier if it wasn’t for the funds. We artists have lives, jobs, and families. I don’t have the assets like Lecrae has with Reach. I’m a double indie, an indie artist in an indie genre. It’s been really rewarding, but working nights is a long day. It’s a grind. I have to set my deadlines and try to keep them. I live in Miami with the area code 305 that’s why the albums is dropping March 5th.

BN: How has your family’s experience been so far as you’ve begun creating music?

Lawren: It’s a sacrifice for the family. My wife has to take care of the baby more often. She’s been a huge support for me. My wife challenged me to go for the first EP. The album is as much hers as it is mine.

BN: Your first two singles, “HVNTS” and “Craxyr”, turned some heads from the get go, how has it felt hearing the reactions to those tracks?

Lawren: Craxyr was a huge surprise. I wasn’t sure how people would react. I never thought anyone would like my music, but I got the confirmation with Craxyr. I actually wasn’t going to release HVNTS. Again, I wasn’t sure, but I decided to release it on Christmas Eve. It was another great confirmation and actually was an even bigger hit that Craxyr.

BN: Where did the idea of the HVNTS title come from?

Lawren: It’s actually pretty simple. Jesus has proclaimed us to love the people of the world but not things of the world. We’re the “Have-Nots” because we have nothing in this world. Our hope is with Jesus.

BN: What are your goals and plans once the EP is released?

Lawren: Long term I want to be secured as a top artist. I know I won’t be the best, but I want to be recognized for good music and glorifying Jesus. The ministry is talking to the students and kids who don’t know Jesus. You have to tell them the truth. It’s getting off the stage and sharing the Gospel in the neighborhoods.

If you haven’t heard either of Lawren’s singles then check out the music video for his song “HVNTS” and his new EP dropping today on

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