[News] Japhia Life Completes New Album

The Philadelphia based emcee/artist known as Japhia Life emerges from an extensive stint in Cobb Studio, the modest recording facility run by his long time engineer/producer Jude Gavin located in Drexel Hill, a quiet suburb on the outskirts of Philly, to announce to his fan base affectionately deemed as “Lifers”, that his new album TH€ PROFIT is finished and ready to be sent off to mastering. Japhia took to social media Earlier this week stating “Just finished the album.. It goes to mastering this week”. One of his followers responded via Twitter saying “You need my mailing address?”. Most of the support surrounding his music is from people who have followed him since his first project Pages of Life which was released via Los Angeles based indie Hip Hop label Ready Rock Records, which received critical acclaim, was deemed a Hip Hop classic, and was compared to Nas’ “illmatic”, Jay Z’s “Reasonable Doubt”, Common’s “Can I Borrow A Dollar”, and soon after spawned his musical cult following.

He re-emerges with his forth coming release TH€ PROFIT in hopes of familiarizing new consumers with his brand of Hip Hop, and with what will be the follow up to his critically acclaimed 2012 release Westside Pharmacy. The album is meant to pay homage to the music that he grew up on in the 80’s and 90’s, and is also meant to shed light on his upbringing in Philly. It is also rumored to include a record featuring a huge ‘gospel music legend’. He was also quoted saying “This album is about my past, but it’s more importantly about my present and future, and every song plays its own part in the story, and I couldn’t leave out any of my influences. Whether they be hardcore Rap, RnB, or even Gospel music from the 80’s that I grew up on. I wanted this album to act as a soundtrack to the horror taking place in urban war zones like where I’m from in Philadelphia, but also places like Los Angeles, and Chicago, and even places like Little Rock, Omaha, and Gary, Indiana. I’m excited for people to hear it” – Japhia.

According to an industry insider, Japhia just wrapped up filming the music video for the first single “Poison”, and his new full length album TH€ PROFIT will be released on iTunes, Amazon, etc via his Philly based indie label Arms Out Entertainment, and is slated for an official Fall/September release.

Source: http://iamjaphialife.tumblr.com/post/92502001253/japhia-life-completes-new-album-the

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