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The Winner Is….


Congratulations! You won the Inaugural Black History Month Rap Challenge! 

Black History Month Contenders

Praise God. Christian Hip Hop artists poured their soul into their verses and it showed. With humility, we sorted through the 17 submissions and narrowed it down to three. It was a tough decision. We narrowed down the list based on a few criteria:
  1. We are a Christian company. The music we promote reflects the faith. All submissions with cussing were eliminated. 
  2. In our promotions, we asked for only US residents to enter. Due to the nature of the Black struggle in America, we wanted to give Americans the voice. Submissions from other countries were excluded. If this was your submission- please do not be discouraged. We will have future contests open for you.
  3. There were some great, previously recorded, verses. In the spirit of the competition, we favored people who released their music this February. If this was your submission- please consider creating fresh content for future contests.
  4. After meeting the previous three qualifications, we were left with some serious competition. If you did not make it into the top three, just know you were in the final cut.


Ryon Cali:

Valiant Praize:

Black History Month Challenge

Do you think you have a better verse than Mister Busker?
Submissions can be on a beat or acapella.
Top three verses get sent out over social media for the people to decide.

Rap Remnant

Rap Remnant launched in 2014, highlights artists who skillfully display & communicate the heart of God in their music and His desire for us to remain set apart for His ultimate enjoyment and glory.


Rap Remnant will provide services to advance Christian Hip Hop artists’ spiritual development and financial stability.


Rap Remnant envisions a world where artists are spiritually centered and financially successful.


  • Advancing the Will of God
  • Declaring Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • Affordable promotion for independent musicians
  • Effective services to advance music careers


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