National Battle Rappers A. Ward & Street Hymns To Headline Slap Battles: BARS OVER BRIDGES 2

… Over the last two years, Christian rappers A. Ward and Street Hymns have taken the battle rap world by storm.  They have repeatedly gone viral against some of the most top rated opponents in the biggest and well-known leagues in the nation.

On August 19, they will take on a new challenge in their battle careers.  Both will battle for the first time with SLAP Battles, the world’s first and only concept, faith-based rap battle league.

Bars Over Bridges 2 is becoming a Pittsburgh tradition.  Last year’s card featured some of Christian Hip-Hop’s heavy hitters including KamBINO, Omega Sparx, and members of the Just His League, along with a musical headline performance by MC Jin, of 106 and Park and Ruff Ryders fame.  This year, the bar is raised again (pun intended) with the addition of A. Ward and Street Hymns, and hip-hop is taking note.  Nathan Mathis, founder of, said, “Wow, it’s clear that the incredible growth of SLAP has led to an amazing lineup for Bars Over Bridges 2. The themed battles always bring out the passion from the participants, so look for newcomers Street Hymns and A. Ward to cut loose in what I believe will be unforgettable performances.”

 A. Ward will face off with SLAP Battles Co-President 3PFD, who is no stranger to the world of battle rap himself, in the battled themed “Holding On vs. Giving Up”.  “Conviction vs. Guilt” is the theme of the battle between Street Hymns and Zach Is Nobody, a who went from a tryout battle in early 2015 to being one of the main draws on the SLAP roster.

 Both battles are sure to entertain and bring hard hitting, life changing bars and content.  Just His League MC Cutright was very excited about these main events, saying, “3PFD and A. Ward battle is gonna be CRAZY off the rebuttals alone. It’s the old guard vs the new guard type of battle, like Goku vs Vegeta but with lyrics. Street Hymns is bananas with the way he builds his schemes especially being a fellow nerd. His schemes are always so unpredictable and unorthodox. Zach got the multi syllable machine gun flow so this battle is one to pay attention to closely or you’ll miss alot of dope bars.”

 In addition to the double main event, this card will feature someone famous in another field.  Professional poker player and battle rapper Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald will face off against Kevlar in “Role Model vs. Self-Centered”.

Along with veteran battle MCs, this card will also allow some new faces to enter the ring in our Danger Room battles.  Regarding the new battlers, 3PFD said, “When the card was announced, many people hit me up and were interested in being a part of it.  I had more people than I had open slots, so I had to come up with a tryout system.  I did and I picked two winners, who will get a full battle on this card.  I also offered a tryout battle to two others who I believe can grow into the future of SLAP.”  The tryout winners, Brasi and Drusick, will face off in “Hope vs. Despair”.  The tryout battle will be a “Wild Card” battle, which is a two round battle where both MCs play each role for one round.  The battle theme is “Peace vs. Bitterness” featuring Se1ze vs. MC Rally (aka Mac Rally).

In addition to the battles, Bars Over Bridges 2 will also feature some of Pittsburgh’s best Christian Hip-Hop music including MadeSacred, Stay Humble, Mr. Believe, and more. 

Tickets available at:  They are limited, and this event is expected to sell out.


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