NEWS :: Sauce Remix Releases Details for New EP “A N M L T R X P”


January 1st, 2016

Following his billboard charting debut album “One,” (which featured Sho Baraka, Chris Cobbins and Pastor AD3) and his follow up mixtape “#SoulFood2” (which featured Tech N9NE collaborator Craig Smith and Bumps INF of God Over Money), Sauce Remix is back with his 7th release.

A N M L T R X P is a five song EP that serves as a soundtrack of emotion driven by the systematic oppression that results in black males – usually urban and poor – living their lives as trapped animals.

According to Sauce Remix, the project is “a brief look into slavery, peonage, Black codes, Jim Crow and ends off with an extensive look at mass-incarceration, the so called war on drugs, and a celebration of how God led us away from the trap.” This is only the first part to a story of set-up, wake-up and finally a redemptive rise up.

Tag lines like “the trap is literally a trap” are used in A N M L T R X P’s local street campaign to raise awareness on the historical disparity and how it effects men of color in our society today. The goal is to help listeners glean that not only are the lifestyles portrayed on the EP immoral, but how the foundation of America produced a system to trap “black” and “brown” males into a booming business of mass incarceration.

Michelle Alexander, author of the New York Times best seller The New Jim Crow wrote, “The stark and sobering reality is that, for reasons largely unrelated to actual crime trends, the American penal system has emerged as a system of social control unparalleled in world history. Like Jim Crow (and slavery), mass incarceration operates as a tightly networked system of laws, policies, customs, and institutions that operate collectively to ensure the subordinate status of a group defined largely by race.”

Concerning why he chose to go this direction with the project, Sauce Remix said he needed “to point out the centuries of constant oppression, all while showing our own downfalls from mis-education and lack of responsibility.” He added, “I wanted to focus on the drug game mostly because it has roots that lead to everything else: mass-incarceration, new Jim Crow style laws, politics on weapon control, drug control, and hip hop. This system is part of the most modern scheme of trapping those enticed by it on a large scale.” A N M L T R X P displays this with God in redemptive posture, while not forsaking the everyday social issues that plague his people.

With the work he does in Kansas City communities, this EP pairs nicely. Sauce isn’t just another rapper jumping around at youth groups for large pay-offs and social media followings, he has managed to organize large scale movements in Kansas City, participated in protest at the Missouri state capitol, created relationships with political leaders and more. In 2013 he started the “Gunshots” initiative and “The Arts of Urban Impact Fund” which raises money for families of murdered victims, while creating awareness for anti-violence through media outlets. In 2015 he helped organize a city-wide art exhibit by 12 high school youth groups. The exhibit gave local youth a platform for using poster art to speak out against various social issues that they cared about.

Scheduled to release on February 26th, 2016, the project is accompanied with a downloadable PDF that list all lyrics and breaks them down in academic format. It will also give book recommendations that influenced A N M L T R X P and he’s creating a tour like series of panel discussion led concerts that will get these conversations started. The audience are those in, fresh out, wanting to work with or simply influenced by this phenomenon.

A N M L T R X P features production from Swade, Tech N9NE producers Demolish/Unmovable Beats, Dove Award Winning D-flow and B-Shock of Shock Muzik. It features artists such as Lox (Shock Muzik), TK Lee and Trey P.

The trap is literally a trap, Which A N M L are you?


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