NEWS:: Slap Battles Announces “Bars Over Bridges 2” Event


PITTSBURGH, PA :: SLAP Battles released their most recent battle video “Grown Man vs. Grown Boy (Ike Hill vs. 3PFD)”, and at the beginning of the video came the first major announcement regarding “Bars Over Bridges 2” on August 19 in Pittsburgh, PA.  A. Ward, who has had much success as one of the few Christians in the secular battle rap arena, will make his debut in SLAP Battles versus Co-President 3PFD.  This battle is being dubbed “The Battle to Persevere” with 3PFD in the role of “Holding On” vs. A. Ward in the role of “Giving Up”.


“This will probably be my toughest challenge yet in battling.  A. Ward is a top-notch battler and has bars for days.  In addition, it’s more about bringing bars that God will use to speak to hearts, encourage people, and set them free.  I want to see God use me to bring His Hope to people that need it.” said 3PFD regarding this battle.

In addition to the battles, Bars Over Bridges 2 will be a community focused outreach event including back to school giveaways.  It will also feature some of Pittsburgh’s best Christian Hip-Hop music, dance, and artists from various urban focused genres.

Tickets available at:  They are limited, and this event is expected to sell out.

See the newest SLAP Battle and matchup announcement here:

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About SLAP Battles:

The concept for SLAP., which stands for “Showing Love, Applying Pressure,” was the brain child of Everette “Pop” Moore of the JustHis League.  As opposed to the traditional rap battle, which pits two opponents against each other in a verbal boxing match to prove who the superior MC is, SLAP requires that MCs adopt a character that represents either a vice or a virtue.  Then, in a lyrical clash of punch lines, metaphors, bars, and hard hitting a-capella rap, SLAP. brings the same intense entertainment value of battle rap that fans love.   In addition, SLAP presents truth and life lessons through the themes of the battles.


“SLAP Battles is a powerful platform, not only are you getting crazy dope lyrics, but bringing perspectives on topics that otherwise may never be seen.  SLAP is giving voice to topics that people think on and may be afraid to speak about.  SLAP tackles those issues with creativity and purpose.” – Phresh, President of the JustHis League and Hip-Hop Artist


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