NEWS:: Sling Shot Signs Dwight Junior

Once housing artist like KamBINO, J.Flue, Trev-Eaz and more, SSMG became a staple in the musical culture of the Midwest. The labels front-runner Yaves has been making his mark beyond the music, obtaining a foothold in the radio and political market.

With the signing of Dwight Junior the label picks up a triple threat, as Dwight is an Artist, Engineer, and Producer. While attending college in Columbus, OH, Dwight had a chance meeting with label owner Yaves. After a year of crafting his own mark in the region, and staying close to Yaves, Dwight Junior was approached by the label concerning the partnership. 

“I believe in artist who want to do more than just make music, your life should scream ministry, you should be focused on growing your community, changing the social fabric of the culture, and letting the music provide a platform to do such. We believe that Dwight Junior embodies that”  Says Yaves. 

In February 2015, Dwight Junior lost his mother to a suicide. It was the roughest time he’ had ever experienced. Junior wouldn’t allow this to keep him down, even though it’s something he’ll never get over, he allowed God to mend his broken heart. “We developed the strongest relationship my last year of high school and when I left for college. She was a big reason of me going to college; pretty much was doing it for her. She’d always visit me. I was so broken when she left me. I still get upset, watching my little brother with no mother at his games.” Explains Dwight Junior. 

Despite the tragedy, Dwight Junior is looking to honor the life of his mother with his ministry, in hopes to bring life to others in similar situations. Dwight Junior is scheduled to release the ‘Runaway’ mixtape this February on the SSMG imprint. 

Get a glimpse into the sound of Dwight Junior from his single offering of #BGS. 


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