NEWS:: Stellar Fusion Battles Drops First Battle Via Vimeo Pay-Per-View

On Friday, March 31, 2017, Stellar Fusion Entertainment officially launched with their first ever concept battle, Justice vs. Injustice (KamBINO vs. 3PFD). This one-off battle was part of The Engage Conference at the Life Church in Pittsburgh. Dubbed “The Battle to Make a Nation Right.” In light of the current political and social unrest, this battle was expected to stir emotion by addressing real life issues, while providing hope that can only be found through true justice, and it did not disappoint. KamBINO and 3PFD addressed issues such as police brutality, income inequality, racism, greed, and more in this hard hitting, punchline heavy battle.

When asked about how he thought the battle went, 3PFD said, “I thought this was an excellent kickoff for Stellar Fusion. Justice vs. Injustice is a very wide topic, and were a lot of potential angles for both of us to use, but we chose to hit different sides of similar issues, which was good. Kam is a top notch lyricist, and he brought it for sure. He also showed real emotion when talking about these issues, which shows this topic is very near and dear to him.”

KamBINO said about the battle “All in all I thought the battle was dope. The subject matter was so heavy and timely I didn’t want to come with a bunch of “zingers” to make ‘em ooh and ahh as much as I wanted to leave ‘em with some meat they could really chew on. Plus for me – it was personal. That’s why there were lots of hometown references and homage paid to the young kings from my city who in one way or another ultimately lost their lives to injustice.”

During the battle, KamBINO chose to sit down during “Injustice’s” rounds. When asked about the reasoning behind that he said, “I’m positive most people missed a lot of it, but everything was extremely intentional – from the #180 on my shirt down to the sitting when Injustice was up. That was symbolic. I heard questions and got weird looks, but, when Justice stands, Injustice is automatically silenced. So, in true form, I had to sit for him to even have an opportunity to speak. My overarching purpose, as always, was to engage the people and get them to think, then act. We can’t stay silent in the face of injustice and think God is pleased when He had so much to say regarding the matter. As a Christian, that in and of itself is an injustice.”

This great battle was not the normal thing you see at a church conference. When asked why he booked Stellar Fusion for The Engage Conference, Randy Taylor (aka Mr. Believe) said, “The battle was one of the most heart piercing, breath taking, and most culturally relevant battles I’ve ever been a part of. I needed the battle to be a part of the Conference to reach a crowd that can’t hear truth through just preaching.”

If you couldn’t make it live, no worries. You can check out the battle on Vimeo Pay Per View for a very low price starting April 11, 2017: Stellar Fusion appreciates your pay per view purchase, as it brings in revenue which allows them to continue to bring you the best concept battles, ministry, and innovative content.

In addition to this battle and Pay Per View, look out for additional events, battles, and pay per view videos from Stellar Fusion, including Pay Per View from the Vortex event, which featured two battles: Generosity vs Greed 2.0 (3PFD vs. Zach Is Nobody) and Grateful vs. Ungrateful (3PFD/Zach Is Nobody vs. Mac Rally).

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About Stellar Fusion Battles:

Stellar Fusion Battles is the premier concept rap battle league and ministry in the world. In concept battles, as opposed to the traditional rap battle, which pits two opponents against each other in a verbal boxing match to prove who the superior MC is, concept battles requires that MCs adopt a character that represents either a vice or a virtue. Then, in a lyrical clash of punch lines, metaphors, bars, and hard hitting a-capella rap, Stellar Fusion Battles brings the same intense entertainment value of battle rap that fans love.   In addition, Stellar Fusion presents truth and life lessons through the themes of the battles.



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