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When I found out that Lecrae’s Anomaly tour was coming to town, I knew right away that I had to be there.   If you’ve ever been to a Reach Records event, then you know that you’re going to be in for a treat; the Anomaly tour was no exception.  At first I wondered whether there would be a drop off in the overall performance and energy in the show being that this tour stop would be on the 2nd leg of the tour.  This would be my 4th time seeing Lecrae live and my 3rd time seeing Andy Mineo perform so I was pretty familiar with how they normally get down.

It was a rainy day in Pittsburgh on the day of the show at Stage AE, but despite that, there was a line about 2 city blocks long with people waiting to get in.  It’s hard to describe the level of excitement that I witnessed, as bus load after bus load and church van after church van, dropped off their youth and young adults.  I arrived a few hours early around 5pm because I had an interview with Brandon P (formerly: Black Knight) (drummer for Andy Mineo) and the line was already half way down the street. I thought it would be a nice gesture for them to open the doors a little early to give people a chance to dry off, however that didn’t happen.  Nonetheless, the doors opened at 7p and every one quickly entered.

The show got started at 7:30 with DJ Promote on the wheels of steel.  He put on an awesome beat banging mix of rap and EDM accented with some pretty dope lighting effects.   At one point during the set, Black Knight joined him on stage to help get the crowd hyped, jumping arond and tossing a few glow sticks into the crowd.   By the time Promote finished his set, the crowd was already on turn up mode which I’m sure was the goal.

First up was Andy Mineo.   His set started off with Neverland from his Neverland EP.  With the lights dim, the song comes in with the voice of Marz Ferrer, and out comes Andy Mineo who then proceeds to tear it down.   In my opinion, Andy Mineo has the best stage presence of just about every rapper I’ve ever seen live (secular & Christian).  Andy put on a absolutely awesome performance, there was certainly no signs of fatigue with this being the 2nd leg of the tour.   During his set, which lasted approximately 45 minutes, he performed songs from Never Land as well as Heros for Sale.  At one point during his performance of Wild Things, Andy pulled out a giant inflated ice cream sandwich, jumps on it and crowd surfed with it.  I have to say, that was pretty awesome to witness.  He actually jumped into the crowd two times, the second time without the ice cream sandwich.

After about a 20 minute intermission, it was time for Lecrae to take the stage.  Outside of the actual performances, the best part of a Lecrae concert is how professionally done the visual aspect of the show is.  Lighting and visuals add to the experience and during several songs you saw actual music videos being played in sync with the artists on gigantic projection screens behind the stage.  In addition to that were several mini-skits that were played in between songs.  During these times, Lecrae would leave the stage for a wardrobe change and/or to get a breather.

During a planned intermission of Lecrae’s set, DJ Promote did another set of his own which was amazing.  He ran through popular mainstream records, mixed and remixed specifically for the show.   Somehow during all of that Lecrae found a way to sneak in to the back row of the crowd.  Climbing atop a small stage, he performed a few songs there with some awesome pyro effects.   While performing ‘Tell The World’ he jumped down and made his way back through the crowd to the stage.  It was a pretty cool experience for the people who weren’t able to get close to the stage for first part of the show.

Finally, the show finished up with an electric performance of Say I Won’t by Lecrae and Andy Mineo.  The grand finale and closeout song for the Pittsburgh audience was appropriately, an edited mix of Wiz Khalifa’s hit song ‘Black & Yellow’ as the stage erupted with pyro, flashing lights and smoke effects.  It was a pretty dope event if you ask me.  It very apparent that Lecrae and Reach Records have become masters of the live performance; they do it well, very well.

Check out some photos from the event
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all photos shot by Chris Brown | ©Rap Remnant Magazine

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  1. JDXmusic says:

    Good read! It was a spectacular concert here in LA!


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