Top of the year and a new 5 song EP release from Kansas City artist Sauce Remix, A N M L T R X P.  This is his first retail project since the release of One (LP) back in 2013 and his Soul Food Mixtape in 2014.   According to Sauce Remix, the project is “a brief look into slavery, peonage, Black codes, Jim Crow and ends off with an extensive look at mass-incarceration, the so called war on drugs, and a celebration of how God led us away from the trap.”

The first track on the project is A N M L S.  This joint has a mellow vibe to it and Sauce takes his time and dissects the beat one line at a time.  The theme of this track sets the tone for the rest of the project.  One line that he spits on this track, I think, would serve as a solid description of this project.  He says, “I call this piece animal trap, to un-tranquilize our humanity back.”  

The next track is B X R S, I love the beat on this track.  The driving strings and brass give it a nice uptempo vibe, not to mention some nicely EQ’d 808’s.  The track features an artist by the name of LOX who has done work with Sauce Remix before.   Sauce spits first and then LOX.  I was hoping for a 3rd verse here but a nice track nonetheless.

Up next is T H E H U S T L A S B A L L A D.  This was the lead single for the project.  The Swade produced track provides a nice backdrop for this track.  On this joint Sauce is speaking from the perspective of a hustler (drug dealer), who is so caught up and addicted to his money chasing that he feels trapped in it with no escape; This is the song that they sing.  “Trap so hard my mind gone.”  This track further speaks to the fact that the drug dealers are just as addicted and trapped as the drug users. (click play below to listen)

Up next is U N C L E T O N Y ft Trey P.  The first thing that stood out to me on this track was the beat, which wasn’t one of my favorites.    Although I wasn’t really feeling the beat, the message on this joint is certainly one that needs to be heard.  Many young dudes look at the drug game as cool and something worth pursuing, however Sauce Remix and Trey P detail the horrors of the game on this track.

A N M L T R X P is scheduled to release on February 26th

The last song on the EP is M Y T R X P P A R T Y ft. TK Lee.  This joint has a nice laidback vibe to it, but still uptempo in its own way.   On this track Sauce Remix throws a party for everybody who used to be trapped but has been set free.  A nice way to end this project.

Overall, I would have to say that A N M L T R X P was a success.  Certainly something I will want to listen to again and again.  My favorites on the project are B X R S &  T H E H U S T L A S B A L L A D.  Sauce Remix is a talented artist that you should certainly pay attention to, because he’s dropping dope music with a dope message.

A N M L T R X P is scheduled to release on February 26th and will be accompanied with a downloadable PDF that list all lyrics and breaks them down in academic format.

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