REVIEW :: Trip Lee’s Rise Tour Hits Taylor, MI

Trip Lee along with KB visited the Metro City Church in Taylor, Michigan as one of their stops on the Rise Tour. Trip Lee described the tour as “trying to bring the album and book (both named Rise) into one unique experience”. Before the concert, Trip gave some time to fans with VIP tickets to have a Q&A session with him. You can listen to parts of that session as well as some fans’ expectations before the show and opinions on the show afterwards in the video.

The show opened with Alive City, a Detroit based worship group that uses both hip-hop and rock. They presented an entertaining opening performance with a cool mix of contemporary worship songs with an added rap flavor. The crowd started getting pumped right away and it definitely was a great start to the show.

After a slight break KB came on stage with a performance that included his hit songs “100”, “Church Clap”, “Undefeated”, “Zone Out”, and more. It was an awesome performance to watch at times. There were a few great moments of rap during “Church Clap” and “100” where KB really showed off his skill. His personality added to the performance with his jokes as well. He instructed the crowd to go insane during “100”, “I’m going to swing this sweatshirt in the air, and when it hits the ground, you lose your mind”, and the crowd most definitely lost its mind as people sang and danced to the song. One of the coolest moments was when “Crowns & Thorns” started playing as the combination of the deep chorus playing with the song being debuted live was amazing. The only thing that really took away from his performance was too much bass at times. Bass is a key factor of concerts, but it was so excessive at times, especially during “Zone Out”, you really couldn’t hear what he was saying. Overall he opened well for the show, though, and got the crowd pumped as we all prepared to see Trip Lee.

This excitement was forced to die down as there was a 15 minute intermission between KB finishing and Trip Lee coming on stage. It took a little bit of energy out of the crowd as people waited, but when the time arrived people went crazy. After a pretty epic promo video with the “Rise” instrumental playing in the background Trip Lee came on stage rocking his iconic backwards cap, some Air Jordans, a sport coat, and a star-styled button down shirt. He performed “Lights On”, “Shweet”, and “The Invasion (Hero)”. “Lights On” was perfectly placed at the start as the stage was completely dark before the song started, and Trip really got the crowd started with it. The performance focused much more on Trip himself than lighting and effects, contrasting to KB’s performance involving more lighting. This didn’t take away anything though as it kept the focus on Trip instead of overwhelming the crowd with too many effects. Most of the audience knew every word to “Lights On” and “Shweet” and Trip provided some great rapping to complete the performance. “The Invasion (Hero)” was a surprise and Trip had some fun choreography reaching out to the fans to connect with the crowd who was only partially familiar with the older song.

What made the event something special was Trip’s speaking ability. His preached on hypocrisy and the stereotype he is trying to fight as a rapper and a Christian. These moments make Trip unique as you see him as a man and a pastor, not just a rapper. He showed his personality in these times as well, joking with the DJ and telling a funny story about a plane ride he had.

Musically, Trip impressed the audience by rapping parts of both Andy Mineo’s “The Saints” and Tedashii’s “Nothing I Can’t Do”. Without relying on many effects, he entertained the audience with a little bit of choreography and a great rapping performance on his hit songs including “One Sixteen”, “I’m Good”, “Insomniac”, and more. After another great session of Trip speaking about not being hypocritical, he performed “Sweet Victory”. It was an amazing experience as I could feel the emotion of the audience and Trip throughout the song. It was a very moving experience on top of Trip’s amazing performance of the song.

He finished off with the classic walking off stage as the crowd began chanting “Manolo”, the hit song he hadn’t performed yet. Trip didn’t disappoint as he ran back out and gave the most pumped up performance of the show with the crowd going insane and some cool lighting effects. The crowd loved every second of “Manolo”, and it definitely finished the concert on an awesome note.

Afterwards Trip also conducted a book signing for any fans that had purchased his Rise book that came out alongside the album. A large amount of fans had done exactly that, so it was great to see everyone lining up to meet Trip.

Overall the concert was amazing with some great pump up moments as well as more emotional ones. Trip did a great job combining his speaking skill with a great performance of his music as well. Besides a few moments with KB in which the bass was excessive, everything sounded great and the show ran very smoothly. I’ll definitely try to see Trip Lee in concert again the next time he comes around.


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