Love & Loyalty by Sain Owumi

Love & Loyalty
Love & Loyalty

Love & Loyalty

Sain Owumi debut EP Love & Loyalty is a six track EP. Here’s a song by song breakdown!

Trying 2 Live

The first song “Trying 2 Live” speaks about the death of his close friend and despite all of life’s struggles- his plan on persevering.
Notable Lyric: I gotta paint a picture, got mothers crying while their babies dying all I’m left with is pictures. All I’m left with is pain.

Hit My Line

The second track “Hit My Line” stresses the importance of staying in touch with the ones you care about.
Notable Lyric: “You can always hit my line if you need me I be rolling through the town it ain’t that hard to just see me I been focusing on my plans I want my family eating”

What I Like

“What I Like” is the third song on the EP where he paints a picture of his relationship with his fiance.
Notable lyric: “I like your hair if it’s wavy or straight I don’t care I like when we go out dancing feels so romantic. Makes me want to speak in Spanish oh I can’t handle it.”


Track 4 is called “Crazy” goes over some of his emotions during the lowest times in his life and how he made it through.
Notable lyric: “I’ve been feeling real crazy running through my town I’ve been feeling all alone like no one’s around I’ve been feeling so alone lately.”


Track 5 is called “Voicemail” in which he leaves a voicemail on his girlfriend’s phone while rapping all the ways he will stay loyal to her and uplift her.
Notable lyric: “Baby I know deep down that you scared you’ll wake up one morning and my love disappeared or you’ll tell me that you hurting and I just won’t care”

Find Out

Track 6 is entitled “Find Out” where he raps about chasing girls in his younger days and how things are different in his life now.
Notable lyric: “Back when I was young I would try out. If they with it, then I’m wit it we going to find out. If they with it imma get it get myself out to any lady with a ticket take a ride now, but now that I’m a man I done calmed down.”

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