Spec Releases Details for New Album


If you’ve listened to Flame or V. Rose music in the past few years, chances are you’ve heard of Spec or heard his work on their albums.  Spec is one of CHH’s most sought after producers and audio engineers.   Not only is he gifted in the area of production and editing, he’s also pretty nice on the mic.  That said, Spec recently announced that he will be releasing his debut album ‘Vacancy’; no release date has been given.  Check out the tracklist below, from the looks of things; it’s going to be a good one!


  1. Terms (Intro)
  2. Terms & Conditions
  3. Heirborn feat. Yung Lyfe
  4. Conditions (Reprise)
  5. Put Em On feat. Alex Faith, 5ive, & J Carter
  6. SMH feat. FLAME
  7. Don’t You Know (Que Tu Sabes) feat. V.Rose
  8. Buckingham Palace feat. KJ-52, Beleaf of Dream Junkies, & Je’kob
  9. Trusay feat. JG & Yung Lyfe
  10. Johnny Cochran feat. Dre Murray, Yung Lyfe, & J Drastic
  11. Game Of Thrones (Made for It)
  12. So Surreal
  13. Shine Down
  14. Love Me x Love Me Not feat. Chrissylane
Bonus Tracks
  1. 20th Century Fox feat. V.Rose
  2. Never Going Back feat. Black Knight
  3. Kel Mitchell feat. Asia Lee & Kel Mitchell


More About Spec

Check out this behind the scenes video with Spec while producing Flame’s ‘Royal Flush’ album


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