The Legend of XERO

Chasing Unicorns
Chasing Unicorns

Legend of XERO Released Chasing Unicorns

This song is good! The┬ádouble entendres in the beginning of the song got me intrigued! To all the musicians reading right now… Don’t “Give them what they want and walk away from God.” LISTEN to the song below and enjoy!

Jacked From The Legend of Zero Website:

“When I first uploaded this song to the Tentmaker Music page on Audiomack, it was thought to be a way to vent some frustration among my peers and friends. 2 days later, we were staring down the barrel of 10,000 plays, and no way to explain ourselves. This song just seemed to strike a chord with people. That’s the BIGGEST thing for me when it comes to my music. If people are connecting, I can say I’m doing my job! I mean, I’m constantly experimenting, and trying new things. But, I always stay true to myself, my convictions, and my message, sometimes to my own detriment.

This song was about all the frustration that comes with releasing work that people either don’t like or don’t understand. As an artist, it actually makes me want to quit sometimes because this is really hard work. I put my all into my music, and when people don’t connect with it, I have to step back and ask why.

These last few years, I’ve been going down a dark path, filled with new perspectives and new doubts about my life. one of those doubts was whether or not it was time for me to hang up the cape and just go be Joe Normal (no offense AJ). I had to ask myself, if I had seen one too many VH1: Behind the Music specials…and if I was just chasing fantasies about my music and dreams. Somehow, when people hear this song, I think it makes them confront their own fears and fantasies. Everyone has a Dragon and a Unicorn to deal with. I was just being real honest about mine. And, that’s what I intend to do for all of my future releases…just be real honest. Even if people don’t understand. Even if it hurts.”

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