Toby Mac, a household name in the Christian Hip Hop realm since his days at DC Talk, is releasing his 7th studio album entitled, The Elements.

Starts With Me, featuring Aaron Cole, is a song talking about the current racial climate. As quoted from CBN, Toby Mac says Starts With Me, talks about how we’re just not there yet.

We’re not even close to there as far as race relations and coming together. My band is called Diverse City. My household is a mixed household. My band is a mixed band. My label is mixed race artists. I by no means know everything. I’m a man that’s learning every day, but I just feel like unless we’re willing to take an honest look at our history and realize that some of the things that have been handed down to us, we need to overcome…

And, in my opinion, it’s not one swoop. It’s not easy. It’s every day waking up and being sensitive to what another man is walking through. When we begin to do that, then confession and forgiveness and ultimately compassion are the only things that are going to reconcile us. Until we’re willing to take an honest look, there’s always going to be trouble in the waters.

Read more of the interview here.

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