Toi Reveals New ‘Change Over Currency’ EP, Release Date, Artwork & Tracklist

(St. Louis, MO – January 27th, 2015) St. Louis-based recording artist Toi is excited to announce that she is all set to release her new EP, “Change Over Currency”, on March 10, 2015. The project will be distributed and made available for purchase through various digital outlets and hard copies will be available offline. The first single released from the EP, “Undisputed”, has captured the attention of many Christian & Non-Christian Hip Hop listeners.

The St. Louis, Missouri-based emcee sees the title of her forthcoming project as a direct representation of herself:

“The title, Change Over Currency, is a straight-forward, direct representation of me as a new person in Christ, choosing to pursue Jesus and things that please God instead of making the decision to continuously chase things that put God last in my life, which primarily for me, used to be money,” Toi said. “Unless I was in a bad situation, God was the furthest thing from my mind. The word “Change” in the title is also kind of a simplistic way to express the fact that Jesus is the change that came into my life, saved me, and changed me to the point that I’m no longer chasing money but choosing to chase him. In one sentence, Change Over Currency is basically an expression of choosing to pursue God over money.”

Change Over Currency features some of the Lou’s own talented producers like Steve-T, Rio, and STLien, to name a few. Toi’s label mates STLien (MPAC Music Group) and Delontate (MPAC Music Group) and others such as Rio, Rob Redeemed, and more are featured on the EP. 

Tarcea “Toi” Willis is an artist who has held on to a strong passion for creating storytelling music since the age of nine. As hip-hop music influences were combined with growing up in one of the roughest neighborhoods of the city, Toi’s lifestyle was easily shaped and molded by those elements and it clearly reflected in her music. However, after years of creating non-substance carrying, self-glorifying music, in 2011, God stepped in, the focus and message of Toi’s music shifted, and her lifestyle changed. Now working with the music label MPAC Music Group, Toi raps from a Christian’s stand-point on life and is focused more on spreading the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. The upcoming EP, Change Over Currency, reflects her Christian worldview.

The tracklist and back cover for Change Over Currency is shown below: 


1. Misunderstood ft. Blue (Produced by Rio)

2. Benjies (Produced by STLien & Toi)

3. Don’t Do (Produced by Steve-T)

4. Where Would I Be ft. Rob Redeemed (Produced by Rio)

5. Big Deal ft. Rio & STLien (Produced by Rio)

6. Undisputed (Produced by Rio)

7. Praise Em ft. Delontate, Blue & DKeyz (Produced by Nigel Stroughter)

8. Bonus: Stand Up (Produced by Steve-T)


[Pre-Order for the EP will be up within the next few weeks.]

Stay tuned for more information on Toi’s music. 

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